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    I often use the MBTI profiles to manage my team

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    What is MBTI?

    The identification of basic preferences of each of the 4 dichotomies specified or implicit in Jung's theory.

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a widely-used personality inventory, or test, employed in vocational, educational, and psychotherapy settings to evaluate personality type in adolescents and adults age 14 and older.

    What is your profile?

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    The Myers-Briggs evaluates personality type and preference based on the four Jungian psychological types:

    • extraversion (E) or introversion (I)
    • sensing (S) or intuition (N)
    • thinking (T) or feeling (F)
    • judging (J) or perceiving (P)
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    What about me?

    Confirmed several by different tests. CLick on the picture to see what it mean about me

    Since I easily talk to people, I first thought that I was an Extravert. But I am a true Introvert