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    Family first, then the rest when there's time left

    My Family

    Nothing counts more

    I met Valérie when I was 28 years' old. She is very solid and helps me go through eventual difficult time in my professional life. As, a math teacher she is in daily contact with kids, this must be the explanation for her everlasting youth.


    Mathilde is our 25 years old daughter; although she is an engineer and therefore adopting a very rational mode of operation, is a very sensitive and emotional young adult.


    Pauline is a energetic 22 years old woman, she has a strong character gives her all the assets to have a successful professional life. She is taking two parallel master's courses in law and management.

    Private Plane Pilot

    I Am a LICENSED VFR pilot

    When I was a little boy I wanted to be a fighter jet pilot.

    I realized my dream in 2011 only, when I started my flying lessons. It took me about 4 years to get my license.

    I can now taking my family to the Normandy coast in an hour with no traffic to worry about

    Fantastic points 2016

    Tennis player

    ONce a week

    The thing about tennis is that it is both a game and a sport. I practice some sport and try to keep in shape by running regularly but tennis is so much fun and tactic.

    My worse enemy is myself. I after lose a game after being 40/love for me. I should work on relaxing but it is not natural for me

    Politics and geopolitics

    I am deeply concerned by the world tension

    When at school, I always had excellent grades in History class. I am informed on geopolitics and participate to numerous lectures on the matter.

    I am a member of the French Institute for Foreign Relations


    Black american music

    I always loved JAZZ. When living in Chicago I discovered BLUES. I also like to dance on Rhythm & Blues or Soul music

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